We will provide ongoing support, also after start-up. This support requires transparency from the entrepreneur on the business progress, and we will do all we can to ensure success.
If for any reason the start-up turns out to be not viable, we will jointly come to an arrangement, where the first priority is the livelihood of the entrepreneur.

The accelerator programmes, referred to on the Support page, are very well connected with teams of people who can assist in addressing these. A business plan will not be funded if it doesn’t include the minimal legal and fiscal requirements.

We fund the start-up costs of the new business, but not the salary of the entrepreneur. This should be covered through existing funds or Bijzonder Bijstand Zelfstandigen (BBZ).

In principle, we don’t have any particular sector that we favour, but we look at business models that are fairly straightforward and easy to understand. This means that we are more likely to fund a shop or trading business than a complex new internet company.