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We look in an integrated way at the entrepreneur and the business plan and don’t have fixed conditions. Our aim is to create successful entrepreneurs and we do use certain criteria to assess the viability of a plan. On initial contact, we don’t expect all points to be fully addressed, but as the plan matures, we will look at the following aspects:

  • Energetic and passionate prospective newcomer entrepreneur
  • Prior experience in the country of origin (similar sector experience or entrepreneurial experience)
  • Specific skills of the entrepreneur, including language skills
  • Family circumstances: are there other family members that can help make the enterprise a success
  • New enterprise should be well rooted in Dutch society and not depend on subsidies
  • Commercial, legal and fiscal challenges
  • Marketing plan (how to attract customers)
  • Competition
  • Personal financial situation: the funding should not include the cost of living for the entrepreneur, these should be covered by alternative means such as BBZ
  • Simple Financial analysis

We are particularly keen on proposals that could create a Snowball effect, where other Newcomers can also be employed, in case the enterprise is successful.